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今日のテーマは、休暇の申請の仕方です。お嫁さんと旅行をすることになったマイクさんは、上司に休みの日を相談しなければなりません。思い通りの時期に休めるかな?ちょっと聞いてみましょう。今日の会話は、マイクさんと上司との間なので、マイクさんは丁寧な表現を使っているので、そこに注目しながら聞いて見てください。 In this lesson, Mike asks his boss for a vacation. What is Mr. Dunkin’s respond? Tune in to find out!

声優: Bob Werley
司会: Sachiko, Peter
講座: すぐに使える中級英会話 |
機能: | テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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返事は5件“すぐに使える中級英会話 第17回: 休暇の申請-Getting a vacation”にあります。



avatar Lucy:

Hahaha, this lesson was a funny one :mrgreen: well, my mother was very strict about me talking politely to people older than myself, so I tend to speak very formally with people in general……but the timing with the boss is, yeah, very important!

avatar Cory:

Lucy> That is a very good thing. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.” It is better to be very polite, than not that polite when you are talking to someone older/superior

avatar _petiteclaire_:

I’ve been taught to always talk politely to people older than me, or with a higher social status, and in French we have special pronoums to use when adressing people that way (basically we have 3 different “you” : singular informal, singular formal and plural). But in the hospital it is quite common to use the informal with people who are just above you in the social ladder, and also with nurses, even if you’ve known them for only a few days. It always seems a bit strange to me, but if you use formal language with them they are pronne to take it badly too…

avatar Emi:

相槌をうつとき、英語で yeahと言うのが目上の人に対して失礼だと聞いてから、外国人の目上の方にYeahと言うのをなるべく避けるようにしました。


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